Shreveport Office

W. Clint Snell, CPO, President Snell’s Orthotics and Prosthetics

With Snell’s since 1966, informally, worked for the company since junior high school, starting with “odd jobs” around the lab and grounds

Certification:  CPO

Areas of Particular Interest: All areas of patient care and education for health care professionals and patients.

What got you interested in P&O?  I was born and raised in the field of Prosthetics and Orthotics.  I am the third generation in my family to work at the company, and never really gave any consideration to a different career.  I believe in the importance of carrying on our 100 year plus family tradition of providing the best in O & P care and our commitment to individuals with disabilities throughout north Louisiana.

What is your patient care philosophy?  My philosophy is based on my sincere concern for helping restore as much mobility and quality of life for our patients as possible.  My staff and I keep up with new and developing technologies that can help people enjoy more mobility than ever before.  At the same time, being creative with traditional applications of orthotics and prosthetics is important for people who will most benefit from those types of devices.

Do you wear a device yourself:  Yes, I wear KAFOs due to lower extremity paralysis from having polio in the 1950’s.

What is one thing your patients would be surprised to know about you?  As I entered the profession a college education was not a requirement to be certified in P&O. Nonetheless, I have a Bachelors Degree from LSU-S, an Associate in Arts Degree in Prosthetics and Orthotics from Cerritos College, certificates in Orthotics from Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitation Center and a certificate from UCLA in Prosthetics.

I have traveled to 27 foreign countries and studied prosthetics in ten of those countries.

What is the best thing about your job? There are so many things that I can’t break it down to just one.  Seeing patients come in who are still traumatized by an accident or illness, or a child that was born with a congenital disability that affects their daily lives and seeing them leave with the ability to resume their lives with as much function as possible really brighten my life every day.

In addition, the staff here at Snell’s making amazing impact on others lives is a real pleasure to see.  As part of this, being in a position to help mentor young folks coming into the field is very rewarding.  Our residency program brings us the best and the brightest and add a vibrancy to the company overall that is incredibly satisfying.

Chris Snell, BOC Certified Prosthetist & Owner

With Snell’s since June 2007

Areas of Particular Interest: “Patient satisfaction is my top priority. Along with that the future technologies of prosthetics and orthotics and innovative cosmetic applications.

What got you interested in P&O? Growing up in and around the business and being in the lab area since I was a child pretty much instilled a love for the business from the very beginning. P&O combines two of my driving interests: art and science. Of course, making a contribution to our family business that is over a century old is very important to me.

What is your patient care philosophy? Patient care should be handled one patient at a time. Each individual that comes through our doors has their own unique requirements, challenges and needs. We can only meet those needs by focusing on them as a person, not as a “client”.

What would people be surprised to know about you? My wife and I had a surprise wedding. We wanted to do something fun for our wedding, so she made all the plans for a surprise “birthday party” for me. Only she, our pastor and I were in on it the whole time. We had a room at the Olive Street Bistro and when we came in the door people were prepared to shout SURPRISE! and wish me a happy birthday, but we turned it around on everyone. I came in in my tux, and Ashley (my wife) in her gown and asked the pastor to marry us. I must say, everyone was definitely surprised.”

What is the best thing about your job? Seeing the joy of fully satisfied patients.

Clyde Massey, CPO, Vice President and Chief of Prosthetics Orthotics

With Snell’s since 1984.

Clyde’s affinity for prosthetics and orthotics came about through a combination of: ….being able to work with my hands and helping people.  There are lots of cool technologies to work with, but there’s also an artistic, creative side to what we do.

His patient care philosophy:  “To provide each patient with something that will get them back on the road to recovery and improve their quality of life.  To achieve a successful outcome it’s important to listen to the person’s goals and desires and try to match what you do to those goals and desires.”

Some things about Clyde that might surprise you are that he is a kidney donor.

Best thing about the job:  “Snell’s is like a big, extended family. I have the best boss ever and I like working with a group of dedicated people whose goal is serving others.”

Karla Spero, Practice Manager

With Snell’s since 2005

How did you start with Snell’s? I have been with Snell’s since May of 2005, but have had a presence here since the summer of 1999, at which time I came over 2 to 3 times per week to do accounting work from the CPA’s office where I worked as an intern while in college and as a Staff Accountant after I received my Bachelors in May of 2002.

So I have a total of 13 years of experience with Snell’s even though I have worked here just 7. One day during a rather grueling day during tax season of 2005, I came through Kelly Palmer’s office and said, very tongue in cheek: “If I quit my job would you hire me?”, knowing that at that time there was no position for an accountant. She kind of gave me a funny look, pursued the comment and here we are today.

I am so very thankful for that day, because from the moment I walked into the office in summer of 1999, I had thought how great it would be to be able to work for a company like Snell’s.

Snell’s is just such a great family oriented company. All of us employees are like one big family and so many of our patients become family as well. We all truly love and care about each other. It is also so rewarding to watch so many of our patients get their lives back on track after a trauma, amputation or ailment. This is something I would never have been able be apart of had I stayed in public accounting. I am so very blessed
to be where I am, and I feel like God had a hand in everything that led me to this point, including all of the people he has placed in my path.

Not sure if anyone would be surprised by it but I am a military wife and mother.

Clifton Britnell, Orthotist

With Snell’s since 1972

Areas of Particular Interest: Geriatric care, lower limb orthotics

What got you interested in P&O? I like working with my hands and helping people.

Patient Care Philosophy: To do the best I can to help the person to regain the most mobility possible.

What would surprise others to know about you? I am just an ordinary, no surprises kind of guy. Although I do have a couple of patients that think I can do no wrong!

What is the best thing about your job? It’s all about helping people.

Derick Wilson, Prosthetist, CTP

With Snell’s since 2013

Do you wear a device yourself: Yes, below knee prosthesis.

What got you interested in P&O? Becoming an amputee and making my first leg at home.

What is one thing that your patients would be surprised to know about you? They would be surprised to know that I wear a prosthetic limb. Also, I have been through what they are going through.

Best thing about the job: The best part about my job is helping people. I also enjoy conducting clinical in-services and sharing information with other health care professionals.

What is your patient care philosophy? Making the patient feel like they are number one while providing the best care.

Al Still, Orthotist, BOCO

With Snell’s since 2007

What got you interested in P&O? I lucked into the profession. I had a friend that owned an O&P facility and needed help with technician side.

What is one thing that your patients would be surprised to know about you? Nothing. I don’t put up a façade, what you see is what you get!

What is the best thing about your job? Helping people return to a healthy lifestyle, pain free and with renewed confidence.

What is your patient care philosophy? Treating people the way I want to be treated.

 Mark Adcock, CP

With Snell’s since 1958

What got you interested in P&O? Seeing how those in this field are able to help others and really make a difference.

What is the best thing about your job? Seeing a patient smile and knowing that I was able to be a part of it.

What is your patient care philosophy? To do the absolute best that I can for each individual person.

Sarah Thomas, Certified Orthotic Fitter

Darrell “DJ” Johnson, Fitter, Prosthetic Technician

Christopher “Mike” Funches, Orthotic Technician

Justin Gildon, Prosthetic Technician

Mary Horton, Insurance Clerk

Katie Nance, Marketing

Customer Service Representatives

Hellena Nolte

Bailey Mabini, Office Aid

Savannah Barton

Michelle Farrar

Monroe Office

Rebekah VanGessel, Certified Prosthetist / Orthotist & Manager

With Snell’s since 2011

Certifications: ABC CPO in Progress with interests in Infant Cranial Remodeling, adult and pediatric Orthotics/Prosthetic.

What got you interested in Prosthetics and Orthotics? Prosthetics and Orthotics is in a field of its own, it is a specialty. It is made up of a select group of professionals looking for a unique, artistic and special way of treating people with impairments. These professionals are not just P&O practitioners, they are councilors, therapists, craftsmen, and a friend. That’s when I began to focus on my new goal towards becoming an ABC certified practitioner in Orthotics and Prosthetics.

What is your patient care philosophy? A philosophy I have adopted: Treat your patients as if you were treating a family member.

What is one thing that your patient’s would be surprised to know about you? In high school I was recruited to become a member of the power-lifting team. At a height of 4’10”, the distance to the ground was not very far. During my Senior year, I placed runner up at Regionals and 3rd place in Louisiana State in my weight class, for squat at 300 lbs and dead-lift at 310 lbs.

What is the best thing about your job? My patients. Whether I am having a good or bad day, my patients always brighten my day. One day a patient said, “You enjoy your job, don’t you? I can see it in your face and the way you speak.” That quote has been a constant reassurance that I am on the path the Lord had planned for my life, to serve others as He served His people. The fulfillment I receive from helping others is what grounds me and keeps me going every day.

Kensley Bradford, Certified Orthotic Fitter

Alexandria Office

Tommy Griffin, CP and Manager

Tommy Griffin
With Snell’s since 2007

In addition to being ABC certified in both prosthetics and orthotics, Tommy is further certified in a number of new and innovative technologies.  Among those are the Otto Bock C-Leg, Ossur Rheo knee, and the Harmony Vacuum Suspension System.  He is also very involved in pediatric care, and participates in multiple Children’s Special Health Clinics.

His inspiration to join the field came from a stint at a Physical Therapy clinic during college where he worked with many amputees: “The progression from a sitting to standing lifestyle and the regaining of independence inspired me. I was intrigued at not only the physical changes but also the emotional and mental progression to better health.”

Tommy’s patient care philosophy:  “I really believe in the philosophy of always moving forward, even when we move back. Striving for my patients to reach their goals and to learn from our times when we take a step backwards.”

Things that might surprise you to know about Tommy:  “I was a cheerleader for LSU and traveled with the sports teams across the US. We were one of the University’s main public relations groups.”

He also has a strong background in gun-smithing from many years of working in his father’s shop. Tommy credits these activities with providing him with many of the problem solving and critical thinking skills used in his prosthetic and orthotic career.

Best thing about the job:  “The relationships we form with our patients and the ability to give something back, whether that would be some form of independence or relief from chronic or acute disability. I receive not only appreciation from my patients, but inspiration and a will to move forward through challenging times.”

 Emily Brodnax, Fitter

Emily Broadnax

Jeff Lyons, Prosthetic Technician

Customer Service Representatives

Jennifer Stuckey

Brandie Coco