Our caring and conscientious staff employs the most successful treatment methods and technologies to serve patient needs, including CAD/CAM (computer aided design and manufacture) for precision design and fabrication of a comfortable, custom orthosis or prosthesis crafted in our own laboratory.

We are experienced and certified to provide “bionic” prosthetics for both upper and lower extremity prostheses.  As this is a rapidly changing area of the field, our practitioners continually attend training and education to stay up to date and to further their expertise in microprocessor technologies.

Orthotics have become increasingly sophisticated with the application of microprocessors and functional electrical stimulation (FES) devices. As with high-tech prosthetics, our practitioners are extensively trained and experienced in providing microprocessor and FES orthotics.

We stand ready to offer our best-whether in consultation, patient evaluation, assistance in prescribing specialized orthotics and prosthetics, designing and fitting them, or for in-service training.