Education Update

Clint and Chris attended the annual American Orthotics and Prosthetics Association Assembly in Boston, in September.  The annual assembly featured continuing education and networking on a national level.

Also in September, Clyde and Trevor conducted an educational seminar for LSU Medical School’s OT students and will be returning soon to provide education to their PT students.  And, on October 4th, Clint showed off and demonstrated his new KAFO to the PT students at LSU.

Clint, Kaitlynd and Clyde attended training in Dallas on cranial helmets at the Star Cranial Center.  STARband cranial helmets are used to treat deformational plagiocephaly, which is commonly referred to as “flat head syndrome”.  The STARband is used to correct this condition.  Our practitioners are now qualified and certified by The Star Cranial Center to fit STARband cranial helmets.

Chris is working getting his BOC certifications in prosthetics and orthotics.  He is currently doing the pre-requisites and will be completing his course work and obtaining his certifications.

The company is actively seeking a new resident(s) in order to continue with the success of Snell’s residency program.