Sydney Freeman

Little Miss Lively

Sydney barely missed being a Valentine’s Day baby—she was born on February 15, 2008. But that doesn’t keep her from winning hearts, as mom Donna says: “She is very outgoing and friendly, just talks to everyone. I can barely take her to Wal-mart unless I am planning to be there all day!”

Sydney was born with a seizure disorder and club foot. Thankfully, the seizures are under control and she is responding well to the inserts that Snell’s fits her with.

Two things that Sydney particularly loves: dressing up and her dog, Suzette. Suzette is a rescue dog that the rest of the family calls Suzi, but she insists on the full, formal name. She and sister Olivia are quite close, as one can see when the girls interact together.

Snell's: Sidney at Snell's with foot impression
Snell’s: Sidney at Snell’s with foot impression

She’s currently in the second grade and, while developmentally delayed a bit, is starting to learn her shapes, numbers and beginning to read. Her mom jokes that Sydney has her own art gallery on the fridge.

They have been going to Snell’s since she was around 2 years old, and Donna reports that: “They’ve always been very friendly, efficient and have quick turnarounds for Sydney. The folks at Snell’s are very easy to work with.”