Sawyer Brimer

The Cuteness Just Won’t Quit!

Sawyer Brimer, who was born on November 23, 2015, was what every exhausted new parent dreams of: an infant that is a great sleeper! Beginning at around 9 weeks, Sawyer slept as many as 10 hours a night. Mom Lauren and dad Sam were delighted to not join the ranks of parents who were sleepwalking during the day due to being up most of the night with their new baby.

But, at around two months of age, they noticed that the back of Sawyer’s head on the left side seemed abnormally flat. They took him to the pediatrician who reassured them that in all likelihood the problem would resolve itself once he started to sit up. That it was caused by him favoring that side when laying in his crib. As instructed, they continued to monitor the situation, but at four months, it was only getting worse. So, they got a referral to a maxillofacial specialist who scanned Sawyer’s head, and again recommended “watchful waiting” to see if the issue resolved itself.

On their return visit, the new scan showed that his head was growing in width, but that the flat side in the back was not improving. At that point, the specialist referred the Brimmers to Snell’s. The family, residents of Haughton, left for Shreveport the same day. “When we got to Snell’s they scanned him right away, and within two weeks they had his helmet ready,” Lauren says.

Snell's: Sawyer at river
Snell’s: Sawyer at river

She noted that the first couple of weeks adjusting to the helmet were a bit rough for Sawyer when he was napping or sleeping, but after that, it was smooth sailing. In fact, when they took it off for the hour a day he would go without it, he would start looking for it. “Bless his heart, if he bumped his head when he wasn’t wearing the helmet, he would just get this confused look on his face, like why did that hurt my head?” she laughed ruefully.

Lauren and Sam were rigorous about maintaining the schedule of Sawyer wearing the device 23 hours a day, and are delighted that that his treatment was successfully concluded and the helmet was removed on November 8, 2016. “His head looks amazing,” Lauren smiled. “You would never be able to tell he had been in a helmet.”

Asked about the family’s experience at Snell’s, Lauren was enthusiastic: “They were very easy to work with. You can tell they love what they do. Everyone was so sweet and genuine. When Sawyer would get anxious during scanning they would sing or talk to him to help him relax. He had appointments every two months, and his treatment went very easily every time.”

Lauren is a first grade teacher at T.L. Roads Elementary in Haughton and husband Sam is a Forrester for the Caddo Levee Board in charge of all timber. The couple has been married since 2010 and are expecting Sawyer’s new little brother in early 2017. As for Sawyer, he is starting to walk and get into everything—just like any kid his age!