Payment Policies & Procedures

We empathize with the fact that in many cases our patients have already gone through difficult times physically, financially and emotionally before they are seen by us. It is not our goal to add to these difficulties.

At the same time, we ask that our patients understand the complex and costly process that is involved in fabricating customized prosthetic and orthotic devices. We will be happy to assist you in working out a payment plan, helping to file insurance, or discussing possible alternative avenues of funding. However, we cannot begin fabrication of a device until insurance verification is completed or other financial arrangements are made.

Private Insurance

Patients covered by a private insurance company are asked to pay their co-payment and the deductible in advance. Patients with two insurance companies are not required to make a down payment; however, the deductible amount may be required.

Medicare and Medicaid

It is our policy, in the majority of cases, to accept direct Medicare and Medicaid assignments. In those cases in which we cannot accept assignment, we would ask to have 1/2 paid in advance and 1/2 upon delivery of the finished device. If special arrangements are needed, we will attempt to work out a plan for you before work is begun on the prosthesis or orthosis.

Workers’ Compensation

Payment is not required for verifiable workers’ compensations recipients.  However, our policy is to contact the adjuster and receive prior authorization before ordering or delivering your device.

Financing Plans

We offer financing through Care Credit  and will be happy to put you in touch with them.

On case-by-case basis, we can work with patients to create a payment plan once all other possibilities have been exhausted.

Contact us by email at or call toll-free 1-800-219-5273.