We take great pride in restoring our patients’ mobility and confidence and in meeting or exceeding their highest expectations. Our primary satisfaction is achieved through the successes of our patients, who delight in their expanded capabilities to attain new levels of their personal best-at work, at play, and at everyday living.

It is very well documented that proper orthotic and prosthetic care bring about better patient outcomes.  Some of the factors that contribute:

  • With mobility comes the ability to get exercise, in some form, which contributes to circulatory health as well as weight control.
  • Psychological benefits of participating in activities of daily living. These benefits extend to the individual’s caregivers, as well, by providing an avenue for the patient to perform these tasks whenever possible
  • Prevent patient falls
  • Higher rates of compliance with physical and occupational therapy, leading to fewer re-hospitalizations

At Snell’s we work with a private company that has no financial or business interests in our practice, to help us make sure we are providing the best possible care, in your opinion. That is why we request that our patients and their family members who are involved in their treatment plan, log onto: www.xxxxxxx.xxx to fill out our satisfaction surveys. Our scores are then also compared to other facilities’ across the country to see how we are performing compared to our colleagues. what we can do better and how to keep doing well what we score highly on. Survey results also tell us what we can improve on and encourage us to continue with things we do well.