C-Leg Roadshow

C-Leg Road Show Stops in Alexandria

On March 26, 2013, Otto Bock rolled in to our Alexandria office to demonstrate the C-Leg, a workhorse of the “bionic” style lower extremity prostheses. The C-Leg features micro-processor technology, which is wirelessly programmed for the patient’s particular gait and activity level. The C-Leg also is noted for its safety features which help prevent falls. Falling is a major factor in injuries and re-hospitalizations among above knee amputees with more traditional types of prostheses.

Among the patients that attended to see and experience the technology first hand was Tiffany Lester, a young woman who was a recent bi-lateral amputee.

According to Tommy Griffin, CP, and manager of the Alexandria location: “Tiffany has a below knee amputation on one side and above knee on the other. She had only been acclimating to her prostheses for a couple of weeks when she came to the Roadshow. She was still very reliant on a walker. Almost immediately when she tested out the C-Leg she was much more stable, and was able to walk without the walker. She also experienced significantly less energy expenditure.”

Over lunch, patients and Robert, a member of the Otto Bock staff, who is himself an above knee amputee took the opportunity to spend “peer time”. Robert counseled his fellow amputees on some of the nuances of making the most of the bionic technology. (He currently wears the “next generation” Otto Bock knee,  the Genium, which isn’t widely available at this time, but soon will be).

“It was a really rewarding and productive day for all of us. I think the patients that attended got a lot out of both the demonstration and the discussions with Robert.

We hope to repeat the experience again in the future,” said Tommy Griffin.