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1930-1940: Company Lays Foundation for Long Term Growth

Ironically, the company enjoys a growth phase during the Great Depression branching out from Memphis with two new offices. “Pop” Snell’s son Ralph opens the Nashville office and his son Jim opens the Little Rock office.

1921-1929: Custom Production Takes Hold

The Company transitions from fitting surgical garments to custom artificial limbs and braces.

The photo of Ralph and Jim Snell is circa 1920’s

1911: Snell’s Artificial Limbs, Braces & Trusses is in business

1911: “Pop” Snell, along with his three sons: Jim, Ralph and William buys the artificial limbs and braces portion of the surgical and medical supply company that he worked for in Memphis, re-naming it Snell’s Artificial Limbs, Braces & Trusses.